At Caporiccio stores, offers don’t go on vacation!

Just for this weekend, from 17 to 18 June, in the Caporiccio store outlet at Sant'Angelo Village, 20% discount on your shopping with a minimum purchase of three items.
You'll find:
- Men jackets from 79.90 €;
- Men's trousers 49.90 €;
Men's Shirt from 39.90 €.
Caporiccio: an idea of ​​refined and durable elegance, an authentic and timeless taste combined with the choice of fine fabrics and an inimitable cut is just the first step of a long and accurate workmanship that accompanies every single brand leader. From the very beginning, achieving absolute quality has been the company's main goal. The end result is impeccable, the fruit of patient sartorial work and scrupulous attention to detail.
From vip-dresses and elegant men of the 1960s to men's and women's fashion collections, Caporiccio is synonymous with high-quality manufacturing and refined and never-ending taste.
In the 1960s, Pietro Caporiccio had become the tailor of Johnny Dorelli, Gino Bramieri and other popular faces of the Rai broadcasts. It is with the new generation, however, that the first Caporiccio shirts shirts were born and industrial production began.
Today, the Pontine brand has over forty sales outlets across Italy and a wealthy online shop where you can easily, easily and safely purchase every item in the entire production. To the many shirts are added trousers, jerseys, coats, vests, ties, scarves, scarves and hats that design the man's style Caporiccio: a sophisticated and modern elegance that does not give up brush strokes, cloth games, toppings And sewn stitching, special and original reinterpretations of classic clothing and accessories. Since 2007, there is also the Caporiccio woman and her attention to new trends.