At OUTLY store, the sun kisses the short-sighted people!

At the Outlet Village in Plamanova (UD), the sun kisses the short-sighted people ... but also the hypermetropics and astigmatics!
From OUTLY you can find photochromic lenses from 79 and sunglasses from 69 € with scratch-proof and anti-reflective treatments included in the price!
The photochromic lenses are the perfect companions for the summer season: they quickly adapt to different light conditions, blurring in the closed environments and gradually shining in the presence of sunlight.
The sunglasses graduated are aimed at those who wish to correct their amethropia (myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism) or presbyopia without sacrificing the comfort of a common sunglasses.
The offer is valid with the purchase of a frame, and it extends throughout the summer season until stocks are exhausted.
Here are some brands of eyeglasses available in the shop and adhering to the promotion:
- Emporio Armani sunglasses: € 89
- Max & Co sunglasses: € 89
- Italy Independent Sunglasses: € 79
- Guess sunglasses: € 69.
OUTLY offers a 50% of discount on all treatments and lenses other than those on offer. Thanks to the free home delivery service you can also receive your glasses directly to your home! In all OUTLY stores, our professional optical team is waiting for you for free viewing and giving you the best advice on choosing the right frame and lenses for you.
The Outlet Village of Palmanova and OUTLY are waiting for you!

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