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Daino Group  is a corporate group, that has been acting in the footwear departement since 40 years, especially in womenswear. Last year the group startedCUORE ATTIVO project, thanks to a social and healthcare marketing insight.

The project aims to put on the market a new footwear concept, which could be able to meet the actual wellness needs without loosing the fashion appeal. The group has been acting on international markets with different brands, basing on the target range.

The market has recognized the quality and the fashion aspect of the product –modern, trendy and comfortable –, that garantuees a high level of wearability.

Long experience and shoe tradition are the additional values that determined the successes and the results of Daino Group, thanks to the professionality of the workmen that act with attentive care.

The production, an important step for the Company, follows the traditional rules and the “hand by hand” system, that permits to control and to realize a product at the same time: the handicraft and the specific care are the only systems, that are able to offer a unique shoes collection.


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