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It is the beginning of the 90s when Paul Zanoli, creator and founder of the brand, decides to give life to his ambitious project: the creation of men’s and women’s shoes and accessories collection, with innovative design and original materials, by the name the famous district of Milan, the heart of art and fashion.

But it is in San Mauro Pascoli, the industry of luxury footwear center, that Dibrera by Paolo Zanoli has its roots.

In a short time Dibrera makes its way into the world of fashion. Today the company exhibits its creations in the shop windows of the most prestigious boutiques all over the world: Europe, Russia, United States, Japan and United Arab Emirates.

Each Dibrera collection is entirely handmade, using the most modern technologies, choosing the best leathers and selecting the trendy materials enriched by the most original accessories.

For this reason shoes Dibrera are the object of desire of many stars and celebrities and are very much appreciated by those who love to get noticed with style.

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