Frankie Morello: new opening

New opening for Frankie Morello in Barberino Designer Outlet, located in Barberino di Mugello. Let’s reach the place, visit the new store and take benefits from the many discounts and promotions that are waiting for you. The store is opened from Monday to Sunday and from 10 o’clock am to 8 o’clock pm.
Let’s come to discover all the products from men’s line, composed by: t-shirts e polo, sweaters and fleeces, trousers, jeans, Bermuda shorts and shirts; women’s line, instead, is made by T-shirts, sweaters and cardigans, blouses and shirts, dresses, skirts and shorts, jeans, trousers and coats. Furthermore you cold discover all the models from the latest collections, such as the #REBORN collection, the #LEGACY collection and the #ANOTHERWORLD collection.
Since 1999, Frankie Morello, eclectic brand, which enhances the defect as a particular artistic lives over a decade of success and stylistic growth, which brings it up to date with a new course wanted by the family of Italian entrepreneurs Ammaturo. The 2016 became the time of rebirth, an evolution of philosophy and new identity. It’s a mutation, as for plants and animals in nature, occurs through inspirational contamination, gender and style.
Frankie Morello based on a strong research of materials, shapes and textures to bring the project into the future and create a world of iconic references to itself become a fashion icon 2.0. The mission of uniqueness makes it a snap with the choice of the scarab as a pictogram that embodies creativity and regeneration. Thus we find innovative materials, hi-tech, quality in a mix of contemporary and overlapping volumes, which tell a new story, current, projected to the future, directed to the generation of Millennials.

frankie morello