From Harmont & Blain the dowager is waiting for you!

In McArthurGlen Designer Outlets of Barberino di Mugello, the super discounts on Harmont & Blain branded products await you until stock lasts.
You could find:
- Shirts with logo from € 148 to € 96.20
- Canvas bag from € 109 to € 70.80
- Cotton and linen scarf from € 79 to € 51.30
- Contrast polo t-shirt from € 114 to € 74,10
Since its launch in 1995 when the first complete collection of men's clothing was introduced on the island of Capri, "Harmont & Blaine" has become the international leading brand associated with an unmistakable Mediterranean matrix and an exclusive positioning in the luxury segment.
"Harmont & Blaine" is one of the most exciting and dynamic realities of the informal clothing world of recent years. The reasons for the market's success at the Griffe del Ducato are to be found in the strength of an entrepreneurial idea that contains originality, consistency and innovation. Society evolves, transforms and changes lifestyles with it.
One of the secrets of the success and positioning of Harmont & Blaine is its logo: a small bassin dog. The story of this cute dog reflects the philosophy and values of the company. Few know that the dwarf is a German dog born for hunting; Also acknowledged as one of the best hounds: nature reserves a more humorous and efficient physicist for which the bassotto needs to refine sneer and intelligence to demonstrate its abilities. So the small bell company, born in the difficult context of the second half of the 80's, had to sharpen sneer and intelligence to affirm itself in a challenging and competitive market like that of fashion Made in Italy. This logo, which has surpassed the Italian boundaries by winning success and significant prizes, accompanies a total look sporty look with extreme quality and young style.