Levi’s jeans: from the inventor, through the Outlet, to you!

Levi’s were the very first brand to invent jeans. Thanks to them, we can wear the five-pocket blue jeans we love!

In 1853, Bavarian-born Levi Strauss moved to Gold Rush era in San Francisco to open a dry goods business, but the official “Levi’s” trademark was registered in 1928 by his family. The company used to produce work-wear. In the 1930’s, authentic cowboys were wearing Levi’s jeans; that created a trend and elevated the brand to a certain status. The Western clothing became synonymous with a life of freedom and independence. In 1943 the first pair of just for women was made: they were called “The Lady Levi’s”, made of pre-shrunk denim and constructed with many of the same features of the men’s 501 jeans, but with a fashionably high, nipped in waist. Two years later, in 1936, the famous Red Tab with the word LEVI’S® in all capital letters was placed in all jeans to differentiate Levi’s jeans from competitors.

In the 1950’s, denim was banned in some schools, especially in the East, for being a bad influence. Jeans were often related to rebellion.
Today, Levi’s products include jeans, trousers, shorts, shirts, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, T-shirts, underwear, socks, accessories, shoes, dresses, skirts, belts, overalls, jumpsuits. All of the old and very first jeans are kept in secure storage and treasured. And did you know that Albert Einstein’s Leather Jacket, made by Levi Strauss & Co in the 1930s, has recently been sold at auction house Christies for £110,500? Well, that makes Levi’s even more a legend.

Coming back with our feet on the ground, you can find several Levi’s Outlets in Italy, where you can discover all jeans and other clothes full of history and quality!

Ready to rock with your new jeans?

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