Moschino: history of a timeless brand

Born in Abbiategrasso in 1950, the young Franco Moschino joined the Milan Academy of Fine Arts at just 17 years, cultivating the dream of becoming a painter, no matter what the prints and the color will be one of his distinguishing figures. The encounter with fashion happened on a case-by-case basis: having studied to work as a freelance illustrator for major magazines, in 1971 he began collaborating with Gianni Versace and after six years became Cadette's clothing designer who dropped out in 1982. Then came the big break and the sudden success: a year after the birth of the Moschino woman line was born the first man collection, in 1986 the Moschino Jeans line, in 1987 during a theme party "Luna Park" was launched the first female fragrance.
"Copy and dissect other people's designers, tell what's going on trying to understand people's motives," these designer words perfectly reflect his vision of fashion: a tool to irony about society. If his colorful, exaggerated, extravagant dresses reflect a taste typical of the 1980s, his was never a hymn to pure hedonism, but every detail on the Moschino catwalks gained a precise meaning, marking among the first one of the paths that will follow Fashion in the following years: reinvention. Franco Moschino liked to start with the classics of the wardrobe, like Chanel's dressmaker, who disheveled with irony, the exaggerated, opulent accessories, but of anything other than precious, the ties of the leading businessmen of the time used to pack skirts . Another good thing about Franco Moschino was to be among the first to sniff the success of the second lines, so was born in 1989 Moschino Cheap and Chic man and woman.
Between 1989 and 1990, the first stores in Italy were opened, while Moschino, a true provocateur, began a tough campaign for fashion awareness, advocating ecology: "Being fashionable means being aware of the evil that can be done to nature. Nature is better than couture, "these are his words. In 1989, the parade was interrupted by a video titled "Fashion Blitz", in those years Moschino began wearing ecological fur skirts, inaugurating what would become a habit for other big names in fashion. In 1994, Franco Moschino died prematurely at the age of 44 but managed to enjoy the well-deserved celebrations for his ten-year-old fashion house, an anniversary celebrated with a retrospective exhibition, a book titled "X-year chaos" and an event parade . His creative direction until 2013 was his right arm Rossella Jardini, to whom American Jeremy Scott Jeremy took over: both of them carried forward the creative philosophy of Franco Moschino, who continues to revive today in their collections and style Unmistakeable of brand-name single brand stores.
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