December deals at Casali Winery!

December, let’s celebrate! Exclusive DISCOUNTS at Casali Winery in Pratissolo di Scandiano (RE), Via delle Scuole 7, every morning! You can take advantage of a special 20% discount during December on Spumante sparkling wine Dop “Cà Besina metodo classico 2010”, Lambrusco Malbo wine Dop “Campo Delle More” and Malvasia Dolce wine Dop.

casali viticultori

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The Luisa Spagnoli style: elegance and sophistication, now at the outlet!

This history begins in 1928 thanks to Luisa Spagnoli’s extraordinary entrepreneurial attitude; she had powerful creativity and modernity, and founded two big companies, the Perugina and the Luisa Spagnoli: the both had a fundamental role in Italy and in the Umbria region about industrialization and introduction of women in the job world.

Luisa Spagnoli (7)

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