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The company is definitely well-known for producing crystal products and has its reputation for both the high quality of the workmanship and that of the used material. Its composition is in glass and lead (about 30%) but the exact formula is jealously guarded as industrial secret. The corporate logo is represented by a swan that is affixed to each product as a sign of authenticity. The raw material is used for different product lines. Its founder, Daniel Swarovski, glass cutter and jeweler in Switzerland was originally from Bohemia and in 1892 patented a cutting machine, increasing the production and processing of crystals.
In 1895 Daniel Swarovski, the financier Armand Kosmann and Franz Weis founded the Swarovski company, originally known as A. Kosmann, Daniel Swarovski & Co, later abbreviated as K.S. & Co. The Cutting Industry was established in Wattens to enjoy the availability of energy resources guaranteed by the local hydroelectric power plant, able to support Daniel's patented energy-efficient processing processes. In 1995, at the company's 100th anniversary, Wattens opened the corporate museum called "The Crystal Worlds".
In 2004, Swarovski created a crystal star of more than 2.5 meters in diameter for a weight of nearly 250 kg, which has since been on top of the Rockefeller Center's Christmas tree in New York for five consecutive years; The brand was also one of the sponsors of Joel Schumacher's "The Ghost of the Opera" film, where the chandelier was made up of Swarovski crystals.
Since the 1895 crystal precision cut introduced by founder Daniel Swarovski connotes the company, and his passion for innovation and design has become the world's leading brand of jewelery and accessories. Today the family tradition continues to offer women of the world brilliant style interpretations to wear every day.

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