The Christmas party outfit? Suggest it with a belt!

Leather accessories are never out of style, they never lose their charm and their value, especially if they are handmade by expert and skilled artisans, made in selected leather. That is exactly what happens at Simonelli Belts in Montegranaro.
Simonelli started its business during the 1970s and specialized in belts production in few years. Nowadays can offer a wide range of models, colors and sizes. Simonelli realizes elegant belts, wearable in formal events, in classical and timeless models, but not only: you can find fashion belts, with fabric inserts, with studs, made of calf hair leather, with metallic elements, with strange-shaped buckles, decorated, and much more. We are sure you will find the perfect belt for the Christmas gift to buy or for the outfit you are thinking about for next party!
Simonelli belts, during the years, signed lots of collaborations with famous Italian brands and shoe industries, thanks to the production made with great craftsmanship and high quality. The selection of leathers and metallic accessories is done after a research of trends and fashion news. The artisanal tradition joins the modern technology to give birth to a 100% Made In Italy product, without any participation by any player outside the factory.
Simonelli Belts will amaze you: in the Factory Store in Montegranaro you can find many other products such as leather bags, bracelets with Swarovski elements, backpacks made of braided leather, keychains. Simonelli’s products are for Men and Women of every age and every size.

The Factory Store is open: Via San Tommaso 118C, 63812 Montegranaro. The Cinturificio Simonelli will be waiting for you in the morning from 9 to 12,30 and in the afternoon from 15,30 to 19.
What are you waiting for?

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