The Luisa Spagnoli style: elegance and sophistication, now at the outlet!

This history begins in 1928 thanks to Luisa Spagnoli’s extraordinary entrepreneurial attitude; she had powerful creativity and modernity, and founded two big companies, the Perugina and the Luisa Spagnoli: the both had a fundamental role in Italy and in the Umbria region about industrialization and introduction of women in the job world.
The “Luisa Spagnoli” company, officially born in 1937, quickly gained fame on the national and international level, thanks to the quality and the elegance of the Clothes Collection. Luisa Spagnoli’s best weapons were the strong mechanization, the trade organization development, the offering of quality clothes with haute couture models but with affordable prices, the diversity in the supply, showed in luxurious six-month catalogues. Thanks to these innovations, the company empowered during the years. Guided by Nicoletta Spagnoli, the company started a brand restyling process by creating collections characterized by a new and more fascinating image, without forgetting all positive values, typical of Luisa Spagnoli: high quality of the product, an offering devoid of exaggerate trend elements, a great price performance, class and refinery.
Luisa Spagnoli is a never inappropriate kind of elegance. The strong identity, the very personal style, the indisputable quality, have been values of Luisa Spagnoli’s universe from the beginning until now. A history of success, based on a woman full of skills and creativity who marked an age.
In Italy, you can find many Luisa Spagnoli Outlets. There, you can create your timeless looks full of elegance at affordable prices, for daytime and nighttime, perfect for many types of events. Clothes, suits, knitwear, coats, shirts, shoes, bags, accessories are available: everything you need to feel refined, sophisticated, classy. The quality of clothes is what made the company famous through the years. The attention to details is the diamond point, is what makes every Luisa Spagnoli look very stylish and graceful.

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