Vittorio Virgili: 2016 Fall Winter collection

vittorio-virgili_2016-fall-winter-collection   Feminine, elegant, indisputably quality: in a nutshell you can sum up the uniqueness of the creations realized by Vittorio Virgili, a historic brand with a tradition and a craftsmanship that creates extraordinary made in Italy products. A collection of unquestionable value, tinting the 2016 Fall Winter season with solid colors, shades and a chic design. Deep blue, purple, total black, beige and leather nuances are just some of the colors that the brand applies to several models designed for women and enriched by precious decorations. Small golden studs, different stiletto heels, woven and shiny buckles lists become essential elements in the collection dedicated to the female universe, emphasizing the silhouette of the woman who chooses Vittorio Virgili creations. The different heights and the variety of models, strongly linked to a sphere of sensuality and sophistication, allow the woman to be impeccable all day long: the men's style moccasin with fringes is well suited to a whole series of intense and dynamic commitments; the Beatles model - must-have of the season - adds a chic urban touch to the look that is inspired by a metropolitan mood; high knee riding boots are perfect items to match with light skirts and dresses; finally, the fine leather shoes with stiletto heels are echoe of an extreme elegance, enhancing the silhouette of the woman who wears them. Even for the man, Vittorio Virgili - for the 2016 Fall Winter season - offers a collection typical of the most refined craftsmanship, with a made with flavor and high quality materials. Boots and lace-up shoes are the top models, which make elegant the masculine look, never left to chance. The tradition on which is based the company since over fifty years is reflected, therefore, in all the models available in the catalogue and that can be bought inside the factory store. Discover the collection Vittorio Virgili Fall Winter 2016