Vittorio Virgili: back to work

vittorio virgili_men-shoes_backtowork   Back to work, understood as a purely "fashion point of view", is always an important period for the fashion addicted, because the office life - you know - is varied. It can be hectic, fast and snappy, on one side. Sedentary and static, on the other side. Choosing the right outfit, therefore, is very important and should comprehend an attentice selection of own's own accessories. Above all, it must go hand in hand with the duties and commitments that everyone has to face: business affairs, meetings, dinners or lunches, presentations, shooting... the look depends on the sector that everyone has to deal with, in the various moments of the day. The secret of Vittorio Virgili, which creates high quality handmade shoes since 1964, is to offer a specific proposal, that is suitable for every need. Both for Women and Men. These ones, in particular, can choose to wear an elegant and refined look, completed with a laced dress and Made in Italy shoes - following the philosophy of the brand - for the most important occasions, that require rigor and class; or he can bind a more casual style to a formal shoe, playing down its look but maintaining an impeccable charm at the same time. Vittorio Virgili man is a person with a strong and precise character: always ready to face new challenges with determination, in life and at work. The back to work, for him, is a period to ride, to grasp, to express his personality once again through fashion. The meticulous care, the solid quality and the originality are the keywords of the brand that reflects the true Made in Italy experience and tradition. Discover the Fall Winter collection and find your must-have in Vittorio Virgili Factory Store.